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About mafi

What sets Mafi timbers apart from other timber products is the superior quality and structure of each timber floor board. Each board is hand crafted in Austria, passing through at least 44 sets of hands to assure a timber board with structural integrity and longevity. The symmetrical 3-layer construction, where the top and the back layers consist of the same wood type and the cross-lyed middle layer is made up with soft wood, provides excellent stability in Mafi’s planks. Renowned for its technology and innovation, Mafi transforms wood planks into 3D works of art that can be used as a design element for walls, ceilings and as flooring.

About Equal Ltd.

Founded in 1992, Equal Limited is a leader in premium building and decorative materials. As the exclusive Hong Kong and Macau agent for Boen, Adler, Mafi and STP among other leading wooden flooring manufacturers in Europe, Equal Limited is guided by the relentless pursuit of quality and customer service excellence. Through the years, Equal Limited has garnered a wealth of experience in installing engineered wooden flooring in tricky climates such as Hong Kong and Macau.

Our experienced and specialized sales team is committed to providing exceptional client experiences with customized solutions for each partnership. Our tailor-made approach and uncompromising attention to detail allow us to surpass competition in quality and service. Today, we have operations and retail outlets in Hong Kong and Beijing.

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