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About Media Asia

Media Asia (HK) Limited has been provided signage services over various of major developments in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Developments areas includes Private and Public Housing, Infrastructures, Commercial Offices, Shopping Arcades, Hotels and Casino, etc. Media Asia head office and the system development team are located in Hong Kong and supporting by our Shenzhen factory to delivery the project to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China. With our technologies and effective quality control system, Media Asia (HK) provides the high reliability and innovative Digital Interactive Solutions to clients. In the past years we have been launched over ten thousand sets digital signage terminals and touch screen kiosks in Commerce Buildings, Shopping Malls, Governments service center and Casino public area to provide the signage, advertising and self-service platform for the day to day operation. Media Asia provides wide range of service includes Data Analysis, Design, Supply, Installation and Support Service of interior and exterior digital signage system, touch screen system and AV solutions

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