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27 Apr 2021 by Poltrona Frau

The 2021 New Collection Take Your Time is here

Sight, Smell, Touch.

Affording ourselves the luxury of taking all the time we need to appreciate every last detail. The “2021 Take Your Time Collection” focuses on these three senses to define a better quality of living and of life, granting us the pleasure of enjoying our time to the fullest.


For some time we have complemented our traditional excellence in leather processing with research into other materials. Many new products in the collection are developed, from the design phase onwards, on the basis of this sensory duality - leather or fabric, wood or marble. The meaning of true contemporary luxury is not possible without materials of only the finest quality.

Two examples of virtuoso design and textural projects can be seen in the home office segment although it is perhaps seen most clearly in the one of a kind, limited-edition Infinito table-sculpture.


Acqua di Parma meets Poltrona Frau. From the meeting of two historic and iconic purveyors of Made in Italy comes a project that combines domotics, aesthetics and innovation for an intense and engaging multisensory experience.


The Poltrona Frau wears Loro Piana Interiors collaboration, meanwhile, stems from a desire to expand our offering of high-end upholstery with one of the world’s most respected brands, providing customers with a unique tactile experience.

Appreciate the 2021 Take Your Time Collection here

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