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About PROMAT / Etex / Kalsi

Promat is the leading passive fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation brand that will never compromise on safety. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of certified and tested products and systems to design and develop a fully reliable fire safety solution for your building project. With over 60 years of experience and know-how, we are ready to assist you in protecting people, buildings, and assets.

Promat brand has been synonymous with quality and reliability, offering sustainable solutions that protect lives and assets, enhance comfort, optimise processes, and reduce the loss of space and energy. We strive to offer you the absolute best solutions, customised support, and optimal use of our expertise to tackle your challenges. We continue to lead the way in the development of new fire protection solutions that will make new, lightweight construction methods safe for tomorrow’s generation.

Promat is a brand of Etex Group, a worldwide building materials expert specialising in lightweight construction solutions in five core business segments: building performance, exteriors, industry, insulation, and new ways.

Etex has over 116 years of expertise, having been formed in 1905. Etex currently operates more than 140 facilities, including plants, quarries, and offices, in 45 countries, employing over 13,5000 people worldwide.

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