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02 Dec 2020 by Quick Step

Harm of Inferior Building Materials-Wood Floor Has Insects

Reader Ms. Wu settles in the United States and returns to Hong Kong from time to time for vacation. On December 17th last year, she bought a high-rise unit at Block No. 80, Robin Giant Road, Central, with an area of ​​1,200 square meters. It has three bedrooms and two halls. It cost 630,000 yuan to renovate. It was completed on March 19 of this year and moved into the unit immediately. During the renovation, she found a small amount of sawdust-like objects on the teak floor of the unit. She didn't care at the time. The situation continued after she moved in, but she had to clean it up with a helper. On April 23, Miss Wu returned to the United States and authorized the interior designer to inspect the unit for her. On the 29th of the same month, she received a call from the designer, stating that her unit was covered with brown insects, making it creepy. She asked the designer to hire an insecticide company to deworm on May 4th and May 19th, and at the same time reported to the management company. On June 3, the staff of the management company and the contractor came to the scene and lifted the teak floor. They found that the mezzanine floor was black and moldy, and there were signs of insects. She suspected that...


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