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14 Jun 2021 by Trapa

Sessile Oak - Noble Colors Made From Wood's Own Ingredients

Barrel, board and floor wood

The best wood for wine barrels, cutting boards ... and natural wood floors!

Only the high-quality wood of the sessile oak from the French Alsace is used for the extraordinary TRAPA floors made of terra and bog oak.

What is it that makes this type of oak so special? It is the tannic acid, evenly distributed in the wood, that unfolds its antibacterial effect indefinitely on the untreated wood surface. People have always made use of this property of the sessile oak in the food sector and use it to make cutting boards, snack boards and butcher's chopping sticks. The tannins of the sessile oak also play an important role in the aging of wines in barrels made from this wood. TRAPA not only produces healthy, antibacterial-hygienic natural wood floors from the Alsatian sessile oak: The natural, earthy TRAPA colors are also created from the valuable ingredients of this wood.

Sessile Oak - Noble Colors Made From Wood's Own Ingredients

This natural coloring is made possible by a thermal printing process that lets the wood's own sugar (xylose) caramelize, resulting in many different natural colors depending on temperature, pressure and time. The color of the floor is created from the raw material itself, from the wood's own ingredients that are converted.

Sessile Oak - Noble Colors Made From Wood's Own Ingredients

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