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30 Jun 2020 by Tremco Construction Product Group (CPG)

Ng Teng Fong Hospital


The Ng Teng Fong Hospital new construction project in Singapore new construction mandated high performance waterproofing technology given the expectations of building, facilities and healthcare services performance. Based on the quality of construction technique, the project needed construction material to complement the project overall sustainable structure. Thus, the waterproofing performance is imperative to protect the structure of construction from future corrosion and spall.

Standard waterproofing technologies on the market today would either be water-based for reasons of achieving environmental-friendliness but compromises in performance, or solvent-based but is not environmentally friendly. Both formulations however, remain far from addressing the challenges of performance and site efficiency apart from mandating several coats between cured layer(s).


Tremco’s high-performance TREMproof® is a high solids, VOC-compliant, bitumen modified polyurethane waterproofing membrane. It is a one-part, moisture curing elastomer available in two viscosities: Self-Leveling (SL) and Roller (R) that are suitable for applications to horizontal and vertical surfaces at 1.5mm WFT (wet film thickness). Its market-leading superior elongation performance curbed dynamic structural challenges apart from facilitating site productivity and fast paced project in light of its single-pass coating to achieve desired wet film thickness. TREMproof® 201/60 has been used in numerous renowned international projects giving evidence to its sustainable performance amid meeting environmental requirements.

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