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Increasing the Security of Your Door Lock

Door locks are a very crucial part of your home’s security. They should be practical for homeowners but also capable in deterring thieves or burglars breaking in. There are some preventive measures that you can take to increase the security of your home, from strengthening the door’s weakest points, buying the right hardware, installing the most secure sliding door lock to replacing your door lock with a digital door lock. 

Installing the Safest Sliding Door Locks

Sliding doors are often thought to be more insecure than front doors as they cannot be steel-coated like front doors and windows that can be secured using deadbolts. Therefore, it is important to install the most secure sliding door lock available in the market to ensure your security. Some of the recommended options are two-bolt sliding door locks and sliding door smart locks. The two-bolt sliding door lock is easy to install at any height on the door. It works by sliding a fortified steel bolt into the door frame when switched into the locked position. Meanwhile, smart locks with keyless option can also be a convenient choice to ensure your home’s security. With their tamper-resistant features, the locks can notify you if anyone tries to unlock your door locks without your knowledge. You could also create temporary guest code access for friends, workers, cleaners.  

Adopting Digital Door Locks

With the development of technology these days, people start to prefer digital door locks to the conventional door locks. Digital door locks are programmed locks that can only be opened by entering a secured password using a keypad or touch screen. Although they cost more than the traditional door locks, digital door locks are convenient and easy to install on a range of doors, including timber and UPVC doors. Digital door lock’s keyless feature frees you from the necessity to carry physical keys and you can simply change codes regularly to improve your security. Most digital door locks nowadays also come with automatic locking features. Digital door locks vary in levels of security, but the most robust digital door locks are known to be very durable, difficult to be hacked into, and are able to withstand forced bumping. To further enhance your home’s security, check your digital door lock’s battery periodically as drained or dead batteries might cause the lock to be disabled during a blackout. Make sure to also carry out a monthly maintenance to ensure that the digital door lock’s system is in good condition and is operating well.