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4 Ideas to Enhance Your Bathroom at Home

Many people consider bathroom as one of their most favorite spaces at home. When taking a hot shower or bath, people could feel relaxed especially after a long day of work. To experience an enjoyable shower, bathroom design should also consider the functionality and visual aesthetic. There are many design ideas and must-have sanitary wares or bathroom accessories to create a beautiful and comfortable bathroom. Here are some of them.

Rain shower head

While many people still consider handheld shower the most versatile and the only sanitary ware to have in a simple bathroom nowadays, having a rain shower head in your bathroom could elevate the experience even more. Many new hotels equip their bathroom with a rain shower head as it is favored by many travelers. With a wider surface area of water spray, it is almost guaranteed that taking a shower with a rain shower head could bring the immersive feel and enjoyment of being in the middle of a rain fall.

Outdoor Shower

Since water is one of the prominent natural elements, why not bring other elements like plants, air, light, and other natural elements to your bathroom? If you are lucky enough to have a private outdoor garden, you could opt to make an outdoor shower compartment as an extension to your bathroom. There are many ways to make an outdoor shower enjoyable, one of them is by using wooden wall or fence to provide the necessary privacy. Adding white pebbles on the outdoor shower floor can also bring a nice therapeutic experience to the whole bathroom.

Shower bath

Although not a new thing, shower bath is still a favorite in many master bathrooms these days. Being compact to provide both bathing and showering area is indeed a luxury in today’s increasingly dense and limited housing space. While many people back then used shower curtain to separate shower bath with the rest of the bathroom area, you could opt for a glass compartment to bring the feeling of spaciousness and cleaner look.

Shower stool

Working all day long that involve many strenuous activity and walking? Taking a hot shower while sitting might be the most rewarding thing to do before you sleep well. To be able to do that, you could buy yourself a shower stool in many home-and-living stores around you. This accessory is also a must have if there are elderly in your house. You need to make sure that the shower stool is made from durable material, not slippery when it is wet, and easy to clean and dry.