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About Abitare

Abitare is an Italian word that simply means TO LIVE.

TO LIVE amidst beauty.
TO LIVE with functionality.
TO LIVE unconventionally.

​It is with these philosophies that Abitare helps create living spaces that exude character, permeate charm and inspire awe. The brands we carry – from wallcovering to flooring – are some of the most renowned names in interior furnishing from around the world.

Moreover, our knowledge and experience will help meet all your project requirements – no matter the scale, budget or demand.

- We work with partners that carry ready stock of most of their collections for efficient delivery and project completion

- We have access to over 1,000 different designs of wallcovering and carpets combined; giving you a vast range of choice

- We have completed numerous iconic projects since 2010 across Malaysia giving you the assurance of a job well done 

The house of Abitare welcome you, live it!

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