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About Alca

We're Now One Of The Pioneers That Provide Surface Laminates Throughout Malaysia Peninsular.

idzign is Alca Vstyle’s flagship decorative laminates collection.

“What makes idzign tick? ”

We believe in your ideas because your ideas are what that brings idzign collections to life. We invest in product and process innovation. Our collections are of the finest quality, and exclusive designs.


We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality decorative laminates and anti-fingerprint laminate products which are that best meet the needs of the majority of consumers.


We started the home decorative laminates throughout Malaysia Peninsular warranty industry over 16yr ago and have built our reputation on helpful, award-winning services.


We are up and ready to receive request 24/7. Last year 99% old such requests were dispatched.


We assign independent screened professional engineer to a job with in 60 minute or less 90% of the time.


One network company has fully-fledged into a a one-stop material supplier with staff over 30 pax, operating 4 distribution lines simultaneously.


We dispatched nearly million order till 2021

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