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About Ambient Concept

A member of AM GROUP

Ambient Concept, a subsidiary of AM Office, brings 23 years of office furnishing experience from its parent company into its professional services.

AM Group, an office furniture manufacturer which was established since 1995, involving the principal activities as manufacturer, distributer, exporter and retailer. Their warehouse and production plant have been in operation since 1995, and they have made great efforts to meet clients’ sophisticated needs with ever changing demands and delivering the best of its quality of modern designed office furniture.


Ambient Concept offers integrated services for commercial projects by supplying the office furniture and manage the construction and plan development. We are a team of passionate, committed professionals who are dedicated to help organisations to transform their workplace. Throughout the years, we have completed numerous projects and worked with many interior designers, architects and corporates on commercial projects. We take pride in our strong communication skills and office furniture knowledge as this has led us to cope with many work delegations and execute all the projects smoothly.

We aim at being a well-recognized workspace solution provider brand in Malaysia by offering best in class products as well as individualized and personalized experience for our clients.

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