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About Antico

Founded in 1993, Antico Stone has grown from a small establishment to one of the largest marble and granite company in Malaysia. Located in Ipoh, a scenic city surrounded by beautiful valleys and towering limestones, Antico Stone is also one of the few companies in Malaysia that has the resources and experience to source and acquire raw materials from countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey. As well as dealing with major corporations and government contracts, Antico Stone also provides finished products through its subsidiary company, Stone Solutions.

With over 30 years of experience and a discerning eye for beauty and quality, all our natural stones are crafted at our factory from the initial stage of cutting and fabricating to the final finish of polishing and packing.

Our natural stones are processed within our own premises using the latest cutting edge technologies. With 2 80-blades diamond gang saw, a fully automated horizontal oven epoxy treatment line, Barsanti Goldstar 16-heads polishing machine as well as a 15-head polishing machine and 5 bridgecutters, we are able to manage your project needs in a timely and efficient manner. One of the main strengths of Antico Stone Sdn Bhd is that, We also act as a professional material sourcing team who travels to various quarries throughout the world to ensure the best quality in our selections of product.

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