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About ATH

ATH product is manufactured using natural timber, one of the world’s few renewable and sustainable natural resources. A variety of species are available from around the world with various cutting sizes to fulfill every customer’s requirement for design and style. ATH products include ATH solid timber flooring which is classified by the width of the floor board, into ATH BOARD, ATH BASIC and ATH SLIM to suit every preference, and finishing accessories are all available to make a complete floor. ATH SOLIDPANEL for wall and ceiling and ATH DURADECK for decking, picket fence and gate. ATH solid wood stepboard is available in ATH SOLIDSTEP and ATH ECOSTEP which give you a choice of single piece solid wood plank or joint plank.

ATH brand symbolized high quality solid timber products, that the development is not just based on understanding the hopes and appreciating the expectations of customers, ATH is the culmination of valuable experience and proven expertise, expertly combined to give our customer Quality, Durability, Variety and No Anxiety.

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