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About Aura-Lite

Water, essential to all life-forms, can be precious and destructive at the same time. Here at Aura-Lite, we help you manage both best services. We are your experts in designing, supplying and installing Rainwater Harvesting, Storm Water Management and Water Filtration Systems solutions in Malaysia.

Aura-Lite provides customized water solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional building and irrigation purpose. Besides ensuring the right products are offered for their intended application, our team has a wide range of experience and expertise to deliver to our customers.

The design Aura-Lite Malaysia Rainwater Harvesting System allows you to collect rainwater from the roof, systematically store it and later use the rainwater as an alternative water supply to the treated mains. With our advanced underground system, you can store large amounts of rainwater without sacrificing the aesthetics and space of your building. Aura-Lite offers Rainwater Harvesting products from GRAF (Germany), one of the leading rainwater harvesting manufacturer in the world.

Our Storm Water Management Systems are a combination of products which are designed to address the drainage demands of heavy duty areas with fast moving traffic. They are also less likely to obstruct underground pipes or cables. Each of these products is made to have varying strengths, yet most of them are suitable for heavy duty applications. Our Storm Water Management Systems can be applied in projects of any size. From highways & motorways to airport pavements – they fit into any landscape seamlessly. These durable products are manufactured by ACO Australia, a globally trusted brand for decades.

Aura-Lite also provides Outdoor Water Filtration Systems which enable our customers to obtain safe and clean water, protecting them and their homes. Unfiltered water is not only bad for your health, it can also cause damage to your home appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher, water heater and the home’s water pipes. Fret not about unsightly and obstructive water filters, we can customize the design and size of the filter to meet your requirements. Our water filters come with international certification: NSF (USA), TUV (Germany Food & Commodity Law), European PED, ISO 1901 (Germany).

Aura-Lite’s technical team has decades of collective experience in the field of Rainwater Harvesting, Storm Water Management, Water Filtration and IT’s & Smart Cities Systems. We’re able to provide you with top-notch service in these areas, right from site preliminary design, system specification supply, to commissioning and after-sales support. Our company is registered to CIDB, SPAN, Air Selangor and MOF.

Aura-Lite’s portfolio of successful large projects nationwide is a firm testament to our high quality products and services. We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive, professional and trustworthy approach to water solutions, with quality services you can rely on. Contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with the latest information, allowing you to make well-informed decisions on the wide range of solutions that will suit your property and budget.


Our vision is to become the leading Rainwater Harvesting, Storm Water Management and Water Filtration Systems provider, converting environmental issues into rejuvenated resources that enhances your quality of life.


We aim to encourage the conservation of water through recycling of rainwater through our harvesting system.

Our objective is to reduce flash floods and improve community amenities through our deployment of effective storm water infrastructure.

We are committed to providing you with great customer experience as we persistently act with integrity and honesty.

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