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About Bacfree

People thought we were crazy, but then…

In 1982, when Mr Chee Sze Hsien first introduced water filters in Malaysia, friends and family wondered if he was going to lose his shirt in the venture. However, he has proven to be a true pioneer. Today, water filters are a must-have in homes and businesses.

Bacfree continues to lead the way in the industry, introducing several innovative products to the market, such as rainwater harvesting systems (RWHS) in Malaysia. Dr Chee Chung Yee championed this new concept in Malaysia, and demand has grown steadily as people become more aware of environmental issues.

Ms Chee Chung Yen, an MBA graduate from the UK, instituted modern management practices which enabled the company to expand regionally. Today, Bacfree is in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore, and is widely recognised as a leading expert in household, commercial and industrial water filtration systems.

Today, Bacfree continues to grow and lead the way, embodying the pioneering spirit of its founder.

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