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Book Matching

11 Sep 2020 by Baoleng

By : kelly ng

Nov 15, 2019

So what is this term book matching about? It is actually a misused term from what it was original meant to be. As natural veneers are sliced from the same tree, only batches of veneer can be used together in fabricating a full panel. So in order to make the veneer look like they are in pair and matching (pleasant to The Eye), veneer book matching experts will "book match" the veneers by alternating the veneers on a panel like a book. That's where book matching comes about.

Today many designers use this term book match to generally mean, making patterns using wood veneers. So you have 3D veneer design patterns, stripes and horizontal patterns, star burst patterns and more. We have attached some examples for you to see to pique your interest.

Book Matching

Book Matching

Generally it gives that customised look (which is true, it is very customised). In fact any home owner can proudly say there is only one of this in the world, especially when you use natural veneers.

Incorporated in 2014, Bao Leng Wood Veneer Plywood is one of Malaysia's leading supplier of wood veneer products and surface materials. Our strong customer base is a testament to our years of quality service and reliable products that we serve our customers with. ​Located in Malaysia's hub of furniture makers we believe in being close to our customers so that we can respond to their needs and requirement for quality furniture products. We are well stock in engineered wood veneer, natural wood veneer, HPL and many forms of substrates like plywood, MDF board, block board.Our team of surface material experts will be of great help to you whether you are an interior designer embarking on the next big project or a furniture manufacturer looking at alternate products for that prestigious project you are developing. 


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