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About Benithem

Benithem® is a global brand due to its dedication in incorporating quality hand-craftsmanship paired with modern technology and creating contemporary seating solutions for corporate offices or even home offices through our internationally certified products.

Established since 1999, Benithem® Sdn Bhd’s team of designers, technicians and customer service personnel are committed to creating high quality, state-of-the-art designs that employ scientifically ergonomic principles in our conference, executives, managerial and task seating products. Creating QUALITY seating solutions is our focus, with an emphasis on mid to high-end project/contract office seating. Benithem® has expanded operations to its 120,000 square feet facility in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and is well connected to major ports and airports of the region. Our experienced operations team manages an extensive sales distribution network in Malaysia, South East Asia and the Middle East, with future expansion plans.

We pride ourselves as an avant-garde design solutions company with a focus on office seating solutions with our very own manufacturing facility that produce designer chairs, executive office chairs, corporate lounges and other office furniture.

Our commitment is in finding the best fit between user, equipment and their environment by designing and producing ergonomic products that increase comfort and productivity of people across the world.

We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the Malaysian office furniture industry and have grown the company with a global outlook. Benithem® office chairs are certified by BIFMA Standard through established 3rd party certified bodies, e.g. TUV/ PSB and FIRA.

In addition, Benithem® has achieved certification for ISO 9001:2015 and the prestigious ISO 14001:2015. This means our entire operation and documentation follows international quality control standard for efficient control and records.

Company Environmental & Quality Policy

Benithem Sdn Bhd recognises that Quality & Environmental Management System is essential for a better living and business environment as well as a central requirement for today’s competitive global marketplace. Benithem is also committed to continually improving our products, services, quality and environmental performance to meet or even exceed our customer’s requirements and any legal requirements. To uphold our commitment we shall:

Prevent water, air and land pollution by:

Improving waste management

Improving monitoring and measurement for our management system

Practice 3R principles to conserve natural resources




Continually improve by focusing on the following:

Beyond Excellence

Effectiveness and Efficiency

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