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About Bofi

With over 28 years of experience in the industry, the sheer amount of knowledge is undeniable. Knowledge only counts when it is put into good use. And we at Bofi put it to the best of use. Aesthetic yet practical designs, quality materials and finishes, brand prominence in the market, Bofi aims higher and higher with each passing day. Being the best means even more improvements, more hard work, more competition - and we are extremely excited about it.


Bofi started off as Artfurn Manufacturing in 1988, a manufacturing firm that specializes in kitchen cabinets, sells through dealers and was never at the retail end of business. After many years of manufacturing experience and research, coupled with a positive vision about the future, the company’s founders decided to bring its quality cabinets to the retail front and thus in 1999, Bofi was born.

Bofi’s objective is clear and simple - to be the No.1 brand name in quality kitchen systems.

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