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About DMI Building Products

For nearly 20 years, DMI Building Products (M) Sdn Bhd has sought for nothing but the highest of quality and the best of standards. When it comes to our range of roofing and wall cladding, we offer the best quality products at prices so competitive it has helped paved the way for our customer’s trust and our personal success.

As a company, DMI is personally involved in the manufacturing of the industrial and residential metal roofing and wall claddings. Our hands-on approach ensures that we are able to manufacture even non-standard items, specific to our customer’s needs. Our use of advanced equipment help to ensure the best of quality when it comes to incorporating various production techniques. This combined with our thorough process control and finished production inspection at all stages of the manufacturing is the DMI quality assurance we are renown for all these years.

At DMI, we are not just building products, we are sharing our commitment to building excellence.

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