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About DOE

DOE Industries Sendirian Berhad ("DOE") is a leader in the quality branded tap fittings and plumbing equipment business in Malaysia. It was incorporated in 1977 and is the only local manufacturer of chrome-plated brass taps. Its holding company is C.I Holdings Berhad, which is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Saham Malaysia (the local stock exchange). Permodalan Nasional Berhad is one of the largest share holders in the Company.

DOE manufactures and sells a wide range of sanitary fittings for local and export markets such as basin taps and mixers; sink taps, bib taps, stop valves, showers, bidets, WC and urinal flush valves, sensor products, bathroom accessories and kitchen sinks. The Company also has a specially designed range of products for medical facilities (hospitals, clinics), high risk buildings (prisons, lock ups and mental institutions) and areas exposed to seawater (ships, oil rig platforms).

The Company's products have a strong following and are represented by strong brands such as homegrown DOE and DOFF; Idro Sanitaria (Italy), Nikles (Switzerland), Solomon (Taiwan) and Damixa (Denmark).

The Company believes in product innovation and constantly strives to improve its processes in order to deliver high quality products that are durable, cost effective and in a wide array of designs to its customers. It was the first company in Malaysia to introduce a full range of eco-friendly taps and showers specifically for green buildings applications. These products are water-efficient and meet worldwide standards and requirements for rating tools such as the Green Building Index (GBI), Green Mark, Green Star and Leadership in Environmental Design (LEED). 

The quality of the Company's products is paramount. Quality Control and Quality Assurance are prime considerations. In line with this, the Company has continually been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification since 1999. Strong emphasis is also placed on the design and manufacturing of its products through compliance to BS 5412:1996. The Company’s products are certified by SIRIM, IKRAM, SPAN, JKR and State Water Boards. 


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