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About DPGK

Dantech PGK Sdn Bhd (DPGK) established in 1996, is involved in mechanical and electrical engineering. DPGK specialises in various state-of-art fire protection systems. We design, engineer, supply and install for commercial and industrial applications.

Among the solutions we provide are Argonite Fire Extinguishing SystemAquasafe Fire Extinguishing SystemFiretrace Automatic Fire Suppression System, Senator High Sensitivity Smoke Detection System and Alarmline Linear Heat Detection System.

Argonite Fire Extinguishing System, which was developed in Denmark, is a 100% environmentally friendly system. It is a natural replacement for Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Systems for occupied areas. As the pioneer of inert gas fire extinguishing system in Malaysia, Argonite system’s application in the industry has grown extensively year on year.

With fully qualified personnel, and impressive job experiences, DPGK is committed to deliver quality products and services to ensure the highest satisfaction of all our customers and business partners.

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