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About Econax

Established in November 1984, Econax Sdn Bhd is a company dedicated to providing the best and affordable sanitary ware. With strong support from its parent company ROCA Group in Spain – one of the world’s leaders in the bathroom business, operating in over 135 markets worldwide with 69 production plants spread across five continents, ECONAX is a representation of the Group’s efforts in improving the environment with better sanitation. ECONAX products are affordable without compromising on quality and reliability, and feature innovative and trendy designs without compromising on technology. ECONAX has a portfolio of products to solve all bathroom requirements, be it residential or commercial, and is dedicated to offer you a special bathroom experience.

ECONAX is also committed to be eco-friendly by using innovative flushing systems to conserve water and thus lessens the usage of chemical cleaners and materials. Its research and development team works diligently to marry good design and technology together, which is showcased in the slimmer and trendier sanitary wares you see today.

ECONAX proudly produces its extensive range of products, from faucets to water closets, in a modern production plant in Malaysia and its products are promoted in many bathroom retailers locally. ECONAX products have also made a home in some local and international residential and commercial properties such as shopping malls and offices. Currently, ECONAX products are widely exported to Europe, Australia, Singapore and around Asia.

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