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About ELR

ELR or Engineered Lighting Revolution, is focused on producing premium LED lighting solutions for commercial, retail, residential and industrial. Established in 2008, we have grown substantially reaching out to different parts of the world such as Australasia, Europe, Middle East, China & Hong Kong, India, and South East Asia. ELR have succeeded in designing LED products with our own key differentiators, innovative thinking and quality materials. As a company that manufactures and assembles our products, ELR have dedicated and spent many hours of R&D to ensure our products are designed for convenience and a purpose. We also ensure that our products go through a wide range of compliance and tests that meets international standards.

ELR Special Craft (ELR SC) is a fne selection of luminaries that compliments and expands the luminaire categories beyond ELR’s modular series, offering a variety of luminaires types that covers a wider range of applications suited for residential, commercial, and retail, both indoors and outdoors. These luminaire selections are extensively evaluated with stringent quality control and quality assurance processes to ensure that performance and quality benchmarks are met, guaranteeing value for money

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