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About Energy

Incorporated in 2005, ENERGY SAFETY GLASS SDN BHD (ESG) specializes in household Aluminum Glass Door, Cabinet Sliding Doors, Glass Processing Works, Tempered & Laminated Glass Production. As the leading name in aluminum R&D, it has successfully streamlined manufacturing and sales under one roof. Since its inception, the company is synonymous with self-improvement, innovation, honesty and integrity.

ENERGY SAFETY GLASS SDN BHD (ESG) is well known for its commitment to quality and friendly services. After more than a decade in the business, the company has grown remarkably in terms of product development and manufacturing. The company’s credibility in terms of product, technical know-how, and equipment has made them one of the most respected name in Klang valley.


Core Values

Our core values define who we are. As a privately owned company, the commitment to these core values starts with our passion into the glass industry and runs through the organization.

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