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About Engtex

ENGTEX GROUP BERHAD begins with the incorporation of Engtex Sdn Bhd in Malaysia in 1983. The company started off with a humble beginning as a hardware retail shop located in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur. Together with the rapid development in Malaysia, the company has made tremendous progress to become a diversified multi-million integrated wholesale and distribution centre with its own warehouses and distribution network. The huge distribution network is supported by companies under the Group as they had been specifically incorporated to cater either to a specific geographical location or sector. Together with a proven supply chain management record, Engtex poised to be the leading one-stop solution provider for pipes, valves and fittings in Malaysia.

Over the years, the Group has also integrated upward into manufacturing activities producing cement-lined pipes and fittings; pipe asphalt/coatings and bitumen products; cast foundry manufacturing of valves, fittings, manhole covers and pillar hydrants; steel welded wire mesh, hard-drawn wire as well as operating a Steel Service Centre.

With our own strength and strategic alliances with both local and overseas manufacturers and suppliers, Engtex is able to provide the most comprehensive, reliable and quality pipes, valves and fittings to our customers. In short, we provide a One-Stop Solution for our customer’s pipes, valves, fittings and plumbing material requirement.

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