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About Equitone

Fibre cement facade materials

When Ludwig Hatschek invented fibre cement in the late 19th century, he combined the basic elements of the earth: mineral materials, water, air and fire (heat) in a simple filtration process. Our mother company, Etex, has been manufacturing fibre cement materials since 1905. The most prestigious incarnation in this proud heritage of unique materials is the EQUITONE® facade material range.

Hatschek Production

This process makes each EQUITONE facade panel unique with an individual fibre cement texture. Most EQUITONE facade materials are through-colored with a raw, unfinished character.
In the 1950s leading architects such as Walter Gropius pioneered the use of coated fibre cement panels using the ventilated facade (rainscreen) system. Designer Willy Guhl created the famous “loop chair” from 1 piece of fibre cement in 1954. This design still bears witness to the core qualities of the fibre cement base material: thin, light, durable and beautiful. In 1987, Herzog & De Meuron designed the Ricola storage building in Laufen using uncoated fibre cement panels.
The resulting shutter facade, which is a reference to the cardboard boxes inside, inspired our company to start the industrial development of raw untreated fibre cement materials.

About Suriwong 

For more than a decade, Suriwong has been holding onto the belief of supplying innovative and sustainable building materials that not only create industry efficiency, but to contribute in building a better and lasting future.

We believe experience, technology and commitment hold the key value to a reliable building material. Suriwong is committed to serve the market with carefully selected materials from our trusted principal partners. Therefore, our team has been exploring materials from every corner of the world in order to bring you products that have earned their credibility in the industry. Glancing at the establishment history, we trust that there must be reasons to why our product lines are still the best and one of a kind in the industry.

Over the years, we are proud to be able to participate in some of the award winning projects. Architects and designers are always striving for a remarkable building as their signature piece. Hence, selection of decorative building material became a pivotal choice in the design in order to achieve the aesthetic and performance requirement. Our professional product ambassadors are well-trained with the knowledge to facilitate product recommendation and specification for designers. Attention and extra care of detailing are dedicated to each and every opportunity given to us.

Always adding in our diverse product range, Suriwong is committed to provide the most comprehensive and cutting-edge selection of decorative building solutions available today.

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