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About Eubiq

Exaltech Sdn. Bhd. was founded in mid-2003, based in Malaysia by involving in unique plastic products and related services cater specially for Malaysia market.

Starting out from a plastic resin trading house to trading in extrusion of high quality sheet plastics, Exaltech has always striving to be the best in the field. Today, we are the exclusive sole agent of the Brand Eubiq – The World’s Most Flexible Power Outlet System, to be distributed in Malaysia.

With effective management and high competence marketing capabilities, Eubiq has successfully penetrated into the local market and build a reputable household name among Malaysian.


At Exaltech, our works are guided and do the best in striving to achieve following:

To be widely recognized as the leading company in Malaysia, with products and services that are synonymous with Innovation, Quality, Luxury and Realibility

To ensure all customers enjoy working with us by providing the highest level of customer care and the best products that reflect our commitment and respect for them

Key Strategy
To present the most premium brand and products in the world. To design and manufacture innovative products in the high-end, premium market segment.

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