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About Excelturf

Excel Scape Solutions Sdn Bhd was established in 2008. It is a pioneer and leader in the supply and installation of synthetic turf for landscaping, sports and commercial facilities.

Synthetic turf provides a quality replica of natural grass without such drawbacks as mowing, watering and fertilising.

Excel Scape Solutions Sdn Bhd is a one-stop centre in providing synthetic turf solutions under the brand name, Excelturf, for all landscaping, including Lawn and Sport turf products.

By conducting continuous research into the effects of synthetic turf on humans and the environment, we strive to increase the acceptance and use of artificial grass.

After establishing a sizeable track record, we have also broken new ground in the development of the artificial turf market for private gardens, roof terraces and public landscaping, such as by installing synthetic turf on greenbelts and roundabouts.

These developments and uses have resulted in artificial grass becoming a more generally accepted product in the landscaping market.

Many others have already followed our example in this market.

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Sole Distributor

Excel Scape Solutions Sdn Bhd is a sole distributor in Malaysia for TigerTurf, which is an Australian manufacturer.

Excel Scape Solutions Sdn Bhd is always interested in partnership with companies who have the same passion for artificial grass as we do, and only put up with high qualitative products and service.

Please feel free to contact us for co-operation.


The manufacturer offers an 8-year warranty against discolouration and UV degradation of the fibres. However, it depends on the intensity of the sun at the installation location. The warranty is given on behalf of the manufacturer.

The quality of the product is most apparent when the Excelturf is professionally installed. Excelturf is a product that should only be installed by a professional to ensure the best possible result. The right type of foundation also plays an important role.

To get the very most out of Excelturf and to extend the life span of the artificial turf, a certain degree of maintenance is required. It means that removing all debris, such as leaves, and brushing the grass cover often.

It will result in many years of pleasure derived from the use of Excelturf may be low in maintenance, but it is not maintenance-free.

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