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About Feruni

The story of Feruni stems from the mantra of “Think Different”. Driven by the vision to do things differently and bring transformation to the tiling industry, our founder and managing director Dato’ C. C. Ngei founded Feruni in 2010. Going against convention and ignoring all objections, Dato’ C.C. Ngei decided to sell only one brand of tiles. He also introduced avant-garde ceramic tile designs, built world-class retail stores and streamlined the buying experience for customers. 

Today, Feruni is an industry leader for premium ceramic tiles, delivering the world’s latest tile trends together with a world class customer experience in major cities across Malaysia. Backed by more than 20 years of experience and technical know-how in producing quality tiles, Feruni brings together design trends with cutting-edge technological innovations to produce a wide range of collections that appeal to a diverse market segmentation.

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