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About Floormaster

Floor Master provides integrated flooring-, wall based- and sports surface solutions to professionals and end-users that measurably enhance both people’s quality of life and building facilities’ life-time return.

Each of our integrated flooring and surface solutions caters to a very specific customer need. The space, how it’s used, design choices, building norms and safety regulations, as well as budgets are all different – because every customer is unique and has highly individual needs. Today, across the world and day after day, people experience their lives at home, in public buildings, schools, hospitals, offices, and during sports- or leisure activities.

We believe that floors have a measurable impact on how people experience the places in which they live,work and play – providing unique benefits to the end users, such as enhancing the feelings of comfort and well-being, security and confidence, or helping to inspire and motivate people to perform better.

In their very own manner, they all contribute to improve the quality of life of those people who work, live or exercise in the environments, which Tarkett has contributed to shape.

No matter whether the project is public, commercial, residential or a sports facility installation, a new construction or a renovation project, it’s the combination of our expertise, our broad product portfolio across vinyl, laminate, wood and decking, as well as our intimate understanding of customers’ needs that enables Floor Master to create distinctive flooring experiences.

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