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About Forest Design Studio

Forest Design Studio is a manufacture and customized Naturally Weathered Root Wood Furniture and Unique Sculptures Company. 

​From raw material searching, product cutting, wood grinding, to end product finishing is done in-house all made-in-Malaysia. 

About Us

Our naturally weathered root wood series are mostly Merbau, Mahogany, Tembusu, Sarsaparilla (Sarsi Tree), Jackfruit Tree and etc.

In order to environment protection, we search the destroyed stumps and root, or rotten wood which estimated buried underground at least 50 years above, even over than hundred years above. We modify, polish and transformed them into unique root wood art furniture and sculpture.  

Every piece natural weathered art furniture is unique! It takes the wonder of mother nature to create utilitarian furniture masterpieces. Natural weathered root wood furniture are natural colour, natural shape.  It is extremely hard wood, practical, durable etc.

Root wood furniture can be used for indoors or outdoors, for home or hotel etc. Root wood furniture or sculpture is always eye-catching wherever it's placed.

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