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About Geesa

We love and support design, and the combination of a magnificent design with a functional application. It is our profession to devote 100% attention to the details of the bathroom, which Geesa has done this since 1885. This comprises our main activity and passion.

Geesa is a market leader in the Netherlands in the professional segment (installers and bathroom specialist shops), as well as an authority in the export to 65 countries. We have reached and maintained this position by consistently focusing on quality, and being involved in and feeling responsible for the environment in which we are working. We try to minimise our ecological footprint on earth and, closer to home, we do everything we can to be an outstanding employer with a loyal and service-oriented attitude towards our partners and purchasers.

This is why Geesa supports the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund. The Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund provides a helping hand to sick or disabled children and their families. These accommodations allow families to stay near the (psychiatric) hospital or rehabilitation centre and be close to their child. In the Ronald McDonald Living Rooms, families can relax for a bit while their child is undergoing treatment. We have provided almost every Ronald McDonald House with Geesa accessories.

Most of our products are made from heavily chrome-plated brass, which ensures that they remain corrosion-resistant for many years. The choice of materials and 12-micron nickel and chromium layer allow for a 12-year warranty. Go to the Service page for all other warranty periods.

Design is an important guiding principle in everything we do, without losing functionality. Design extends beyond functionality and our mission is to take up and uphold a leading position in the international market. We have built of a network of excellent partners all over the world. Feel free to contact us as we are happy to provide any advice and solve any bathroom challenge.

About Company

IPMUDA Berhad was incorporated on 19th April 1975 and was listed on Bursa Malaysia’s main board on 22nd December 1993. IPMUDA Buildermart Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary, is a one-stop affordable building materials solution provider for the building and construction industry. Besides trading, the Group is also involved in the property development and construction business under IPMUDA Properties as well as energy and resources under IPMUDA Oil and Gas.

IPMUDA Berhad is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with offices in East Malaysia and throughout South East Asia.

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