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About GEREdor

There is never a dull moment when one lays their eyes on a GERE PRODUCTS creation. In-built with the ability to evoke emotions of reliability and trust, each GERE PRODUCTS represents a sophisticated blend of mechanical prowess and design innovation.

Geared towards becoming the ultimate lock and hardware maker in very near future, every product in this catalog is literally a physical extension of GERE products’ passion to provide you with the best in precision manufacturing and superior product quality.

A name well entrenched within the architectural circle for products that are unmistakably chic, yet retaining a sense of heavy duty construction, GERE INTERNATIONAL has been making headway in international export markets as far as South American.

The competence of GERE PRODUCTS well-built padlocks are also recognised by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) under the BS EN 12320:2001, UK Standard, CEN European Standard BS EN 12320:2001 and TUVBS EN ISO9227:2006, BS EN 1670:2009 – Gere products has obtained SIRIM approval-MALAYSIAN Standard, ANSI BHMA 156.2 a rare public endorsement by an independent qualification agency for a Malaysian brand.

Forged with a never-ending inquisitive spirit, GERE is in continuous pursuit of the latest in design and material advancements to fuel the evolution of its products to new levels of distinction.

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