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About Guocera Tiles

With nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience. Guocera is the tile brand of choice in over 50 countries from the America and Europe to the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Guocera is one of Malaysia’s largest manufacturers and exporter of tiles.

Whether residential, commercial space or public infrastructure, you can find Guocera inspired homes, iconic office buildings, airports, schools and complexes all over the world. Guocera helps to create inspirational environments in which people can live, work and play.

Modern manufacturing facilities in our plants employ the latest production technologies and design to meet ever growing global demands and expectations.

All our products meet international quality standards ensuring world class quality for our domestic and international markets. Consumers can be confident that Guocera’s products are aesthetically attractive and durable.

Guocera also boasts a dedicated R&D centre (Ceramic Research Company-CRC) which is ISO-IEC 17025:2005 accredited, the only one of its kind in South East Asia. At CRC, comprehensive analysis and testing of raw materials are conducted according to stringent measures, resulting in unmistakable quality and reliability that are the hallmarks of Guocera tiles.

We proudly launched VERTICAS, a contemporary Vertical Architectural Slab for modern interior decoration characterized by its large format tile. With the tagline of “Create Without Limits” it reflects the widest idea of make impossible possible- be it walls, floors or even furnishings. VERTICAS is the definition of aesthetic freedom.

Forbye VERTICAS, Solare is another brand that creates a modern and versatile tile design. The series offer competitive prices nevertheless maintaining the quality of the product since manufactured in our own plants. Currently, it’s out with approximately 15 collections that available at all Guocera distributors across Malaysia.

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