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About Headline Flooring

Founded in 2008, Headline / Mach9 embodies the philosophy of creative living for working and residential spaces. Our company is enthusiastically led by directors who are passionate, fresh, artistic and well traveled. Our management strength comes from our combined experience in creative design and inspiration from cutting edge innovation. The company’s vision is to bring the breath of creative living to the designs of your homes or business premises.

Headline / Mach9 is privileged to be the partner distributor of world class building materials manufactured by Hanwha L&C of Korea. Hanwha specializes in technologically advanced interior and exterior decorating materials such as PVC flooring, HanStone, Hanex and etc. Our superior products have been researched and developed extensively to deliver international value and quality without compromising the artistic edge to beauty and design. .


Our philosophy

Headline / Mach9 is the privileged partner distributor of Hanwha L&C products. We share Hanwha’s philosophies and values in all their products.

• Value Creation

• Eco - Friendly

• Hassle Free

• Product Inovation

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