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About Heues

Heues was established in 2006, inspired by the idea of re-enacting some of the masterpieces of modern furnishing. A truly modern and refine style, idea for those who seek simplicity in all things. Our main goal is letting customers find easily what they are looking for every competitive and reasonable price for good quality workmanship of loose furniture.

In Malaysia, Heues has a strong presence in the field of customized sofas & chairs. We work closely with Interior Designers, Architects, Contractors and Owners, providing professional solution to projects on Hotels, Service Apartments, Offices, Clubs, Hospitals and Residence.

Heues proposes solution suited to the furnishing of the entire home, a rational living area consisting of table, chairs, a living room area that is complete with sofas, armchairs, joinery, poufs and bedroom area with beds furnishing.

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