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About ICA

ICA Innovation formed since the year 2000, and throughout these years ICA has established the positioning as one of the well-known Malaysian companies supplying high-quality High Pressure Laminate(HPL) Laminate with the tagline “Trendy Surface”.

We constantly maintain our position as the market leader through consistent quality improvement, an adaptation of the latest trendy surface textures High Pressure Laminate(HPL) and up to date décor paper designs. We work with world-famous décors paper suppliers such as Schattdecor, Interprint, Lamigraf, Surteco, Impress and more to ensure that we collaborate with the best global company for our High Pressure Laminate(HPL) design and to ensure the best quality décor paper for our customers’ durable usage.

We are inspired to offer a wide range of design solutions for our customer’s professional surface selection and design solutions to meet their client’s expectations and needs.

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