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About Intersit

About intersit

INTERSIT is a world renowned office furniture manufacturer with sound experience in office furniture designing and manufacturing that set strong emphasis on state-of-the-art technology and intensive R&D activities. We are also a recognized designer and manufacturer in contemporary office furniture, committed to fine product quality and competitive pricing that have brought great success to the company.

INTERSIT was founded in 1983 by Alex Lew who is dedicated to producing quality office furniture with its 5 major core values, Comfort, Space Saving, Robust, Versatile and Modern. Throughout the past 24 years, these principles have steered the designs of their products. Each product is carefully crafted with innovative engineering and environmental responsible technologies.

INTERSIT's one-stop shop facility offers buyers a complete solution to their office furniture needs, be it an open plan system, desking system or a seating series. You can choose from a wide range of products and designs that are aesthetic yet functional.

INTERSIT is committed to cutting down on the use of wood to help preserve our earth deteriorating forest reserves and the impact on our environment. Therefore, each product design and solution begins with criteria on being socially and environmentally responsible ie components and parts must be free from hazardous substances and is recyclable.

The manufacturing plant is located at Bestari Jaya, Ijok (Selangor) on a land area totaling five acres that is staff with a strong and highly skilled workforce of 150 employees. Today they have become one of the most reputable office furniture producers in the Asian region with global presence and state-of-the-art technologies that sets them apart from other manufacturers, both locally and in the international arena.


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