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About IOTX

IOTX Brand is the ingenuity born out of the global partnership between IOTX Group and Nanjing IOT Sensor Co. Limited. The leading manufacturer of IoT sensors and Zigbee Alliance board member. With Headquarters in United Kingdom, IOTX operates it innovation and creative unit in United State as well as regional hub for South East Asia in Malaysia for the increasing growing trend of smart living.

Our brand philosophy is simple, yet strong – innovate for a smarter living. This single thought builds up our corporate DNA and moves us to design and innovate solutions with the people and environment’s needs in mind. Having dedicated many years towards consumer-behavior studies and R&D, we are able to develop products and solutions that are not only user-friendly but contributes towards making life simpler and smarter.

We cover a wide array of solutions – from home controls to safety, environment to energy monitoring. Our solutions can be extended from private to community and commercial level include smart homestay, community, hotels and offices.

IOTX is committed to staying abreast of the rapid advancement and evolution of IoT technology, as we strive to become a people – centric cooperation that brings our users into the world of smart living.

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