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Winner for Best Outdoor Furniture at MHTBA 2017

07 Jul 2021 by Isofu Modern Living Conce

Artie by Isofu Sdn Bhd was awarded the title of Best Outdoor Furniture at the annual gala of the Metropolitan Home Trusted Brand Awards 2017, for its highest quality indoor and outdoor furniture. Being one of the leading brands in indoor and outdoor furnishing, Artie by Isofu Sdn Bhd uses only the best quality materials available in the market to optimise the comfort and durability of its products.

“The awards presented tonight features the brands in the highest esteem, Artie by Isofu Sdn Bhd like the other winners tonight won over our trust and confidence in their core principles, and that trust is what reassures us that we are making the right choice,” commented Alvin Chang, CEO of ACG Media Sdn Bhd, the organiser of MHTBA 2017.

At the ceremony, Artie was represented by Ms Jeyalatha Ganeson, Regional Sales Manager of Isofu Sdn Bhd, and Ms Nicole Wang, HOD of Isofu Sdn Bhd.

The MHTBA 2017 further strengthens the brand’s credibility as it helps to enhance its position as a trusted brand among consumers and the industry.

For further information on this award-winning brand, please visit its website: www.isofu.com.my

Isofu Modern Living Conce
Isofu Modern Living Conce
These are the few traits that make up ISOFU - the leading modern living concepts of quality indoor and outdoor furniture in Malaysia. Designed to add personality and furnished aura to your living spaces, ISOFU offers only the highest quality indoor and outdoor furniture including garden furniture, patio furniture and synthetic wicker furniture.Each furniture masterpiece is handmade by skilled crafts-masters who ensure meticulous detail from design to material selection, weaving to stitching methods, craftsmanship to technology.


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