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About Kalsi


Behind Kalsi is the experience and expertise of a Belgian group with its deep root in fibre cement technology, Etex, which specializes in manufacturing top quality building materials and providing various offers of sustainable and affordable solutions.

Founded in Belgium more than 110 years ago, Etex currently operates 113 factories and 102 companies across 42 countries, employing more than 14,500 people.


Etex’s structure reflects more than a century of geographic growth and product diversification. Today the group approaches the market as an organisation with global divisions. By 2017, all Etex subsidiaries worldwide have been integrated within these four divisions, each targeting a well defined business segment:

• Etex Building Performance

• Etex Industry

• Etex Facade

• Etex Roofing


102 Companies worldwide

113 Factories worldwide

42 Countries worldwide

14,500 Staff worldwide employs

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