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About Kian

Intelligent Furniture Solutions Provider

KIAN is an intelligent furniture solutions provider catering to the commercial and residential sectors since 1983. Our ability to understand and fulfill the business needs of our customers is continuously establishing us as the market leader across more than 100 countries worldwide. 

Our dedication to innovation and good design has yielded a comprehensive range of award-winning furniture. We pride ourselves in our talent for transforming functionality into beauty, from standard products to custom-made furniture. In fact, our designers are experts in innovation, offering insight into what’s possible in terms of production, material, and techniques both now and in the future. 

​Here at KIAN, we pride ourselves in being able to ease up the burden of our industry partners made possible by our cutting-edge design and capacity for large scale yet flexible manufacturing processes. It is our privilege to build strong partnerships with architects, interior designers and contract installers through constant dialogue to understand and fulfill their needs. 

​KIAN has a global presence, with our showrooms and offices situated around the world to be closer to you. Along with our manufacturing capabilities in 

China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and Indonesia, we are able to cater to your needs in the most cost-efficient manner, and with the highest quality standards. 

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