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About LB Aluminium

History & Background

Established in 1985, LB Aluminium Group headquartered in Malaysia, has grown to be one of the largest aluminium extrusion manufacturers in Asia. We specialise in delivering world-class aluminium products catering for various industries and needs. Backed by key principles of constant innovation, uncompromising quality control, prompt service and eco-sustainability, we have forged a solid reputation as one of the field’s top experts in the manufacturing, marketing and trading of aluminium extrusions and their relevant products. Public listed since 1994, today the company stands proud as Malaysia’s largest supplier of aluminium extrusions and a renowned manufacturer in the South East Asia market, with exports to Europe, North America, Oceania region and Asia. True to our status as an industry leader, we have achieved various quality achievements to quality certificates such as the ISO9001:2015, MS2289:2010, UKAS Accreditation, CIDB Certificate and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) Certificate.



Within Malaysia, production facilities are located just outside Kuala Lumpur on a 31-acre site in Selangor, and in East Malaysia on a 4-acre site. An extensive branch network with sales outlets cum warehouses are strategically located in major cities throughout Malaysia.


Our Vision

Preferred Global Partner in Aluminium


Mission Statements

Customer Focus

• We understand customer needs

• Our products will be of consistent quality

• We deliver on-time and in the right order quantity

• Our customers are our partners in business

• We assist customers in achieving their needs

Operational Experience

• Best in Class on quality, on-time delivery and cost

• We manage as entrepreneurs in our daily operations

• We will innovate to achieve the best production facility

Stakeholders’ Interest

• We focus on profitable growth for our stakeholders

• We manage and safeguard assets and resources effectively

• We provide safe work environment and employment opportunities

• We provide staff future growth & development

• We care for the environment


• We win together

• We practise shared leadership and cooperate with each other

• We value differences but work towards a common objective

• We believe in the benefits of teamwork

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