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About Le Diamant

De'Vetron has been operating officially as a preferred brand and solution for Italian Windows and Doors fabrication and installation since 2009, 8 years after managing and promoting the business Le'Diamant Sdn. Bhd. with the same brand name.

Now carrying and managing Le'Diamant's brand and continuing our operation with the same goals geared towards client satisfaction with our work quality, we are equipped with over 18 years of experience and counting in our industry. 

De'Vetron is staffed with experienced designers, engineers and workers who are able to provide consultation to architects and property owners in regards to the designing, fabrication and installation of our aluminium doors, windows and accompanying screen/ shade products. Our expertise also extends to designing our products based on our clients' special needs and requirements. 

Some of our products include the casement windows, bi-fold windows & doors, overhead glazing and heavy duty top track sliding doors. De'Vetron also provides our own unique screen & shade system integrated with radio command, motorization and light controls.

Here at De'Vetron, we balance the fine line between aesthetics and functionality to produce aluminium window frames and doors with a taste of elegance, modern and minimalism - all while performing its functions as it should when our team of designers and engineers perfected the finer details.

Our working style and efforts will always be aligned with our mission - to provide professional expertise and advice relating to our products to our customers, meeting their high requirements or specifications, and to provide an efficient site management system to ensure the success of every project.

When you collaborate with us, your unique, individual bungalow projects will enjoy the various benefits of Le'Diamant Italian Window and Door System such as effective security, weather resistance, heat insulation and much more. 

At De’Vetron, we welcome you with open doors.

Our Mission

Our management mission statement is to provide professional expertise which provide advise to the customer relating to the product which meet the customer high requirement and providing efficient site management system to ensure to success of every project.

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