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About LEO

From a humble beginning after graduation, Leong J.L whom had unpretentiously joined the sales workforce in the tiles industry at the height of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis was humiliated and submitted to how serious an economy can be back then. With Malaysia’s high unemployment rate and not knowing what to expect but in desperate need of a job to support his family, he accepted any meager salary that was available then.

Since then, he never looked back and goes on to become a Key Account Manager in yet another established porcelain tiles player in year 2003 with lots of followings from his customers. However, by that time, he was flabbergasted by the ways manufacturers have pushed their sales personnel to sell i.e. to boisterously sell on the strengths of the products while concealing its limitation.

With that, he left the employment market and founded LEO CERAMIKO in 2009 in search for porcelain tiles that can perfectly meet the expectation of customers. It was a trading company in procuring the perfect combination of numerous tiles brands that can meet the needs and wants of his customers.

At the same time, it was the most difficult moment in life when starting out on his own especially without any strong financial support while many established players shunned and looked down upon his company. With the ember of fire, strongly believing he will perfect the choice of his customers, he kept his dreams alive. He treasured those who have helped him during those tiring time and has kept them dearly as true partners whose help is to be reciprocated in kind. However, after many invaluable lessons garnered during his business venture, coupled with close encounter to the brink of collapse by his adversaries, it only coerce him to look into its own brand, LEO CERAMIKO, the brand that can be associated with the customers directly.

Now, throughout the years in dealing with numerous local manufacturers and overseas manufacturers, LEO CERAMIKO is in a better position to advise and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each product, thus continue the legacy of continuously perfecting the choice of our customers.

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