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About LigLED

Established in 1997 as an industrial service support provider in the electronics field, Ligetech Automation Sdn Bhd has successfully garnered over 20 years of experience and continues to evolve dynamically. Ligetech Automation’s foray into the LED industry started in 2011 when LigLED Luminaire was borne – a prodigious brand of LED lighting solutions created as a result of extensive R&D works by our in-house specialists. LigLED Luminaire products are proudly manufactured by Ligetech Automation Sdn Bhd and distributed by i Eco Lighting Solution Sdn Bhd.


A venture borne after years of cull R&D in the LED lighting industry,  LigLED Luminaires brings the future of eco-friendly lighting solutions to a new high by being the crucial catalyst in the LED lighting industry. With an alarmingly high electricity consumption needed to sustain traditional incandescent lightings, the brand is committed to change that by introducing its signature LED Luminaires to the scene. LigLED Luminaires also serves to cultivate an environment that is EMF-free for the benefit of the future generations and significantly reduce the carbon footprint and emissions.


With a commitment to reduce electrical consumption whilst being environmentally sustainable and safe, the birth of LigLED Luminaires aims to provide both the commercial and industrial sectors with superior and high-quality LED lighting solutions across Malaysia. Founded with a bigger purpose of giving clients and partners energy savings, LigLED is go-to brand with the trusted turnkey LED lighting solutions in Malaysia to go to for all of your lighting needs in this digital era.

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