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07 Feb 2020 by Mapei

The 2019 ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference held at the Berkeley Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, from 25-27 October, was an international event which regularly attracts over 650 coaches and experts from over 90 different countries around the world.

The Mapei team comprising representatives from Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Australia attended the event and exhibited various ITF-approved sports flooring for tennis. 

MAPEI has a range of sports flooring solutions for creating acrylic and polyurethane resin courts and pitches. Court games, whether played at amateur or professional level, require playing surfaces which are not only conducive to good, athletic performance but also provide a high degree of comfort. The playing surfaces must offer a combination of robustness, durability, and safety to players. Playing surfaces for outdoor sports and multi-purpose playing areas require high resistance to wear, UV rays and changing weather conditions. Playing surfaces which are moderately or highly elastic reduce the effect of impact trauma while providing playing comfort and true bounce of the ball, ease the stresses of sudden twists and turns on the run, provide a fine balance between braking and sliding, and a high degree of safety for athletes. 

These important properties and characteristics are featured in MAPEI systems such as Mapecoat TNS Multisport Professional, Mapecoat TNS Cushion, Mapecoat TNS Reinforced, Mapecoat TNS Remove.

MAPEI Malaysia Sdn Bhd (MMSB) is a manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals for the building and construction industry.MMSB was incorporated on 4 January 1992. Business activities started in the form of trading with 6 employees. In 2001, facilities for production of powder solutions for installing ceramic tiles and stone materials were established in Rawang. Expansion to cover manufacturing of latex-based liquid products followed in 2008 and grinding aids for the cement industry in 2010. In April 2011, an automated, high-tech mixer was installed to cater to increasing demand in local and export markets.With continuing rapid growth, further big-scale expansion was necessary and construction of a new ultra-modern plant with facilities for production, warehousing and laboratories started in Nilai in 2013. Completion was achieved in December 2014 and all operations are now running and in place.The company now offers a broad range of MAPEI’s product lines for buildings, civil engineering works and underground construction including adhesives for ceramic & stone materials, waterproofing, roofing, sealing & jointing, concrete repairs & protection, structural strengthening and industrial flooring as well as additives for cement production.


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