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About ME Floor

ME Industries was established in 1985 and registered member with timber industry relevant organisations such as MTC, MTIB, MWIA, MFIC, NWFA and MATRADE. We are specialised in Engineered Hardwood flooring, Solid Hardwood and Outdoor Timber Decking.

Nowadays, protection and care of the environment has become a very important issue. In this regards we also do not fall behind as we utilize wood from well managed forests which is certified under the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) or Malaysia Timber Certification council (MTCC) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and fast growing renewable materials such as bamboo as our raw material to produce our timber flooring. These features ensure that our products have been certified by Singapore Green Label Scheme. Our products with Singapore Green Label are international and local green building rating system such as Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) and Green Building Index (GBI) compliant material. Our products can accumulate and achieve credits up to 4 points under the assessment criteria for these green building systems and provides a more ease and comfortable living space without the concerns of health due to the emissions of harmful chemicals from the timber flooring.

Apart from this, our engineered hardwood flooring is manufactured according to DIN 280 (Part 5) standards. For the engineered hardwood flooring, for instance, the adhesives used surpassed the formaldehyde emission test and complies with the European E1 standard (EN 717-1:2004). Our engineered products are coated with seven layers of high-quality UV-cured acrylic lacquer that are free from formaldehyde, organic solvents, halogenated hydrocarbon, heavy metal, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and other toxic materials. By using these high quality and non toxic adhesives and coatings, our products are carrying Conformity European (CE) mark which meant that the safety and quality of our engineered timber flooring are assured by complying with the strict requirements of the European Harmonised Standard (EN 14342).

Another advantage of our engineered hardwood flooring is the structure of the engineered hardwood flooring. In order to suite to the different climate in all around the world, our engineered hardwood flooring has different structure in terms of the construction in the back and core layers. For example, in very high humid country like Malaysia, unlike other suppliers that only have one structure; we have special designed core layer such as Versa Core and Royal Core and accompanied with the finger jointed solid hardwood strips as back layer that we found to can enhance the dimensional stability of engineered hardwood flooring and thus minimize the moisture related defects for the engineered hardwood flooring.

We also provides full technical support, including data sheets for our timber flooring products, specification guidelines, samples, and installation instructions. All ME Floor’s flooring comes with various sizes that suite to different applications, and we offer warranties that match the very best in the business.

Over the years, we present our products to many reputable Developers and Architectural firms such as Uda Holdings Berhad, UEM Land Berhad, Dijaya Carporation Berhad, Sime Darby Property Berhad, RSP Akitek, BEP Akitek Sdn Bhd, GRA Architects Sdn Bhd, Zone Architect, Garis Architects Sdn Bhd etc. Some of the Developers and Architects had approved and specified our timber flooring products in their incoming projects.

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