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About Netwood

Finalist for Best Commercial/Showroom, Best Entry Foyer and Best Library/Office categories for the National Wood Flooring Association (USA) Wood Floor of the Year Awards. That is how we have stamped our mark on the international front after coming a long way since our establishment in 2000. That is a world-class testament of the beauty and quality of our hardwood flooring and decking.

The global recognition are certainly an achievement that we can be proud of, having begun our journey as a direct importer, manufacturer and premium supplier of wood flooring in the year 2000. Founder, Alec Tan, had gained a solid foundation of wood, its use in flooring, and the tricks and trade of the hardwood flooring industry since year 1992.

Realizing that there was great potential in top-grade luxury hardwood during his travels, the passionate and energetic Alec Tan established Tanasa Flooring Sdn Bhd to introduce imported hardwood flooring and decking to the Malaysian market which was already saturated with local tropical hardwood varieties. The NETWOOD® brand was born – a range of unique, beautiful and high quality hardwood flooring and decking.

NETWOOD®’s exotic and unique products are made from the world’s finest timbers. We hold true to our company’s philosophy : To enhance the lifestyle of Malaysians and to lift the standard of architectural and interior building material.



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